1. Name of Enterprise: Navigos Group Vietnam Joint Stock Company (hereinafter referred to as "VietnamWorks")

  2. Registered address: Floor 20, E.Town Central, 11 Doan Van Bo Street, Ward 12 District 4, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

  3. Contact information:

    VietnamWorks Customer Solution/ VietnamWorks Customer Care Department

    Telephone: (+84) 8 3925 5000

  4. Name of program: 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Program ("Program")

  5. Scope of Program: The Program is applied throughout Vietnam for jobs post service provided by VietnamWorks.

  6. Service for which benefits are offered according to this Program: The Program applies only to jobs post service provided by VietnamWorks including paid jobs post, supported jobs post, promotion jobs post and not including re-posted jobs under this Program.

  7. Eligible Customers:

    To be eligible to participate in the Program, the Customers must meet all conditions as follows:

    • Customers are individuals or enterprises who use, or are offered or are supported with job post service of VietnamWorks in accordance with Article 6; and
    • The Program does not apply for Customers in Headhunter and Executive Search Industry.
  8. Content of the Program:

    After the job post has expired, if the Customer is not satisfied with the job posting service for any reason whatsoever or the Customer wants to receive more applications, VietnamWorks will support the Customer (based on their requirements) with one (01) of two (02) options free of charge as below ("Benefit"):

    1. Option 01: Re-posting the job post by providing the Customer with 01 “Job post basic 30 days” (only support to re-post 01 time for the same position).
    2. Option 02: or providing the Customer with 01 Resume Search 30 credits – 30 days (only support 01 time per Paid job post).
  9. Procedure: Within 10 working days after the job post has expired (“Eligible Term”), if the Customer wants to use the benefit of 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Program, the Customer has to contact VietnamWorks through the following channels:

    1. The Customer contacts VietnamWorks Customer Solution directly; and/or
    2. The Customer contacts VietnamWorks Customer Care Department via LiveChat, Hotline.

    Regarding the option (i) and (ii), the Customer will enjoy the benefit immediately upon notification by the Customer and having confirmation from Customer Solution/ Customer Care Department of VietnamWorks.

  10. Other provisions:

    1. VietnamWorks shall not be responsible for providing the benefits under this Program or solving any complaint from the Customer if the Customer does not notify VietnamWorks within the Eligible Term and through the above channels.
    2. The Customer must comply with policies and regulations of VietnamWorks related to supported services.
    3. VietnamWorks only supports the Customer (01) time for the same position except for Customer who is eligible for Customer Loyalty Program 2018, and does not apply to mass recruitment.
    4. The Customer must complete the payment in full before the time of the request for 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Program.
    5. The benefit cannot be sold, purchased, donated, exchanged or transferred by customers to any other individuals/organizations/entities. This benefit cannot be exchanged for cash or other products, services, and gifts.
    6. VietnamWorks reserves the right, at our sole discretion, to disqualify any Customer who does not comply with or violates Terms of Use and Operation Regulations displayed on the website of VietnamWorks.
    7. By participating in the Program, the Customers commit to hold VietnamWorks and its affiliates, subsidiaries and their respective officers, directors, employees and agents harmless and irresponsible for any damage, loss, claims or any relating responsibility suffered by the Customer resulting from participating in this Program and enjoying its benefit.