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Vietnam's first professional recruiting website designed to connect employers and employees, and deliver talented candidates to companies fast.

The #1 job website in Vietnam, used by more than 3,000 companies.

Save time and money in your recruitment process
  • Much cheaper and more effective than advertising jobs in the newspaper - Get higher quality resumes at a much cheaper cost.
  • Immediate results - Your job can go online instantly.
  • Long duration - Your job stays online 30 days.
  • Fully automated - Receive candidate resumes via email.
  • Customized to your needs - Include information in your job ad such as requirements, responsibilities, company profile, website, and much more.
  • Target the right candidates - Place your job in targeted categories to ensure it is viewed by the most qualified and interested candidates.
Reach hundreds of thousands of qualified candidates
  • VietnamWorks provides the largest resume database of more than 20,000 resumes, all carefully screened for quality.
  • VietnamWorks is the first choice for job seekers in Vietnam. VietnamWorks has over 260,000 registered users and more than 12,000 visitors everyday. Over 4 million people have come to the website. Job seekers use Vietnamworks because Vietnamworks consistently has the best jobs with leading companies in Vietnam.
  • Every week the VietnamWorks newsletter and job alerts are sent to more than 170,000 registered emails to inform targeted candidates of new jobs which suit their interests and experience.
Utilize the most popular and advanced recruiting website in Vietnam
  • VietnamWorks is technically superior to other job websites. Actively managed and continuously improved.
  • VietnamWorks is the #1 job website. VietnamWorks site ranking is significantly higher than all other Vietnam job sites according to More than 2,500 companies have used VietnamWorks to recruit top candidates and VietnamWorks gets significantly more traffic than other sites.
  • VietnamWorks gets more exposure. We have several partnerships with other websites and newspapers such as, Saigon Times, Sai gon Tiep thi, and others. Jobs posted on VietnamWorks will also get posted free with our partners.
Simplify your recruitment efforts and maximize your results
  • We recognize that popular newspapers such as Tuoi Tre, Vietnam News, and Lao Dong are effective places to advertise jobs. Now you can call VietnamWorks to get the best rate on add in these popular newspapers.
  • Call us to place ads in the newspapers of your choice
  • Get a lower price than you would if you contacted the newspaper directly.
  • Whatever you prefer-advertising your job in the newspaper or on the Internet, we are ready to help.
  • Your ad will be designed (in case you don't have an in-house designer) or reviewed by our design expert for FREE.
Become one of our many successful clients today!
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