A HR Insider's quarterly report on

recruitment demand and labor supply in Vietnam



"This year (2017) has started with an amazing growth in the recruitment market. In Quarter 1 alone, the recruitment demand increased 23% compared to the same period of 2016. The labor supply also increased by 38%. With data from more than 3 million professionals across Vietnam, we also found some promising figures and trends in different job industries, job levels, and locations. We hope this RECRUITMENT MARKET REPORT Q1/2017 will be a useful input for your recruitment planning moving forward."

Paul Espinas

Director of Marketing at VietnamWorks

What's inside

1. Recruitment demand in Quarter 1/2017

2. Labor supply in Quarter 1/2017

3. Top 5 jobs categories in terms of recruitment demand

4. Recruitment demand by job level

5. Top 5 job locations

6. Top 5 job categories with the most growth in recruitment demand

7. Top 5 job categories with the most growth in labor supply

8. Competitive rate in major job hubs in Vietnam

9. Competitive rate in major job categories in Vietnam